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Nightmedia Scripts

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New development

If you wonder what happened with the webmaster scripts, here is the explanation. We decided to build a platform for simple scripts of this kind, and they will be redesigned to conform to the specs.

The apps rely heavily on the XML libraries, which you have to install on your system. If you are using Activestate Perl, they are already installed, otherwise you will have to use CPAN to install at least
the XML::Parser.

We experienced problems on Unix platforms, which could be tracked to a bug in the Expat libraries. The version of Expat that we tried is expat 1.95.5. Update these libraries and your other modules should install fine:

The A-Shop

This is a completely redesigned application, it has absolutely no shared code with The CITY Shop. We have no plans to extend this shop to the features of The CITY Shop, which will remain our main application.

Here are the links to the application and to the manager:

The A-Shop frontpage

The Application Manager - user = admin, password = pass

You will see in the shop no language choice (yet), as well as one currency, and no categories, options, discounts, product pages, and such. As we said, this is a script in its infancy, and we spent months of hard work to keep it simple.

The script uses templates and tags exactly in the same way The CITY Shop does. We will keep the tag format consistent over the two platforms.

Documentation will be available as soon as the code reaches beta stage.

This script will NOT be free, as the other applications. A software distribution mechanism will be built in the manager, to make the installation simple. No prices are available yet, but as they say, we will price it competitively :)

If you want to adopt the code in this stage, we offer you the option to sponsor us with the fix amount of $29.95, which will give you 50% off the application price on this platform, when they reach beta. You will also get access to the code as it gets developed.